How to Maintain a Garage Door: Tips for Extending Your Unit’s Life

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Garage doors are a big and important investment. Homeowners know replacement requires a big budget. Therefore, protecting the investment by ensuring the door remains efficient for the longest time is important. The best way to do that is through regular maintenance. When you maintain a garage door, it keeps the door in great shape for years to come. This blog shares some tips on extending the lifespan of your garage door.

Garage Door

Regular inspection

The garage door is one of a household’s most frequently used doors. Especially if the garage is attached to the house. Different parts can start to wear with time. That is why you must check the different parts from time to time. Look for rust or cracks on the parts. Check the hinges, rollers, and other parts for signs of wear or damage. Call a professional to examine the torsion springs. 

Clean and lubricate

Garage doors have moving parts. Debris and dirt can get into these parts, or the weather can affect them. Luckily, this maintenance routine is easy, and DIY works. Once you inspect the different parts, clean out the debris with a wet cloth. Some parts, like the rollers and hinges, require lubricating. Use the most suitable lubricants for these parts to keep them working smoothly. 

Replace or repair damaged parts

If you find damaged parts while inspecting the door, replace them by calling a professional. If the parts merely need repairs, the technician will advise you. If you continue to use the door with the damaged parts, it can cause further problems with other parts. This will reduce the door’s lifespan. Before long, you will need a new door.

Check for loose hardware

Garage doors have nuts, screws, and bolts. These parts can loosen from frequent use. The door can malfunction when there’s a loose screw. Or worse, it can fall off the tracks. Ensure all the screws and nuts are tight when you inspect the door. Tighten them if they are loose. Call a technician because some parts should only be handled by a professional.

Check the door’s safety and balance

High-tech doors often come with smart openers. If they are out of balance, the user may not easily tell unless they check manually. Part of the regular maintenance is checking that the door remains well-balanced on the tracks. Disable the smart feature and push the door manually to see if it sits right. Contact a technician if it is out of balance. Re-enable the smart features and check that all safety features are in working order. Test the necessary sensors, especially the auto-reverse.

These basic maintenance tips are easy and do not take time. Most of these checks are DIYs, so you can avoid the hassle of getting a professional. However, some inspections, repairs, and replacements always require a technician. Therefore, do not do it yourself in such cases. Regular inspection and maintenance can extend your unit’s lifespan and give you the best value for your money.