Dui Charges: Understanding the Consequences and How to Get Help


Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a severe crime, and the charges are serious. Facing such a charge can be scary and intimidating. You may wonder what your options are when facing the charge. Below, we will explain the legal and personal consequences of DUI charges. We also discuss how you can get help if you have been charged.


Legal Consequences of DUI Charges

License suspension or revocation

Depending on your blood alcohol level, your license can be suspended or revoked. Suspension means you cannot drive for a specified period, usually between 3 months to 1 year. A revocation means you are never allowed to drive again on the road. Your driver’s license can get suspended if it is your first offense. The time length varies according to states or provinces.

Fines and court fees

DUI can cost you a significant amount in fees. Depending on the severity and blood alcohol level, the fine can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Apart from the fine, you will pay other fees, including:

  • Confiscated vehicle 
  • Victim compensation
  • Admin fees
  • Other fees ordered by the judge


Another legal consequence is probation. The judge will set certain restrictions which you must abide by. There will be a time length for it. Violating the probation will result in more trouble for you.


Severe DUI cases can lead to heavy fines or jail time. If you are a repeat offender, the chances of going to jail increase. In some cases, the first offense can also lead to incarceration if severe. 

Compulsory drug treatment program

The judge may impose a compulsory drug treatment program, which you must attend to avoid jail or other punishments. Sometimes, the judge can include this penalty with others, such as jail time, probation, or suspension. 

Personal consequences of DUI charges

Difficulty getting jobs

Most employers do not hire a convict. Once you are convicted of a DUI charge, getting a job can become more difficult. 

Reputation damage

If the DUI conviction is published in your local media, it will ruin your reputation.

Higher insurance fees

Insurance companies may charge you a higher premium if you have a criminal record (DUI).

How to Get Help

If you are facing a DUI criminal charge, the first thing to do is seek an experienced DUI attorney. DUI laws are wide and complex. The laws vary. You need an experienced legal representative who will explain the process to you. Do not talk to the police once you get arrested for DUI. Instead, contact an experienced lawyer to help and guide you.

During the legal process, you can get personal help also through counseling. Facing criminal charges can be emotionally draining. Getting counseling to deal with the stressful feeling associated with such a time is helpful. In addition, consider finding support groups. You can search for these on the Internet. Such groups can recommend counselors. They are also psychologically and emotionally helpful.