6 Key Tips to Remember When Arrested for Drunk Driving


Drunk driving is not just a severe violation but also a risky one. It may result in serious accidents that inflict severe injury, property damage, and even death. It can also lead to stiff penalties from the authorities. And It is not a good idea to drive after intoxication.

However, you might find yourself in it and possibly face penalties for drunk driving. In such a case, what should you keep in mind? Knowing your rights can help you handle the legal process easily, protect your rights, and even reduce your punishment. Here are six things to remember.

drunk driving

1. Be Calm and Cooperate

Remain Calm: It is natural to be angry and feel anxious when arrested or stopped. But, remaining calm is vital. If you overreact and argue, it can worsen the situation. It can even lead to extra charges.

Cooperate with Authorities:  Cooperating with law enforcement officers can make things work for your own good. While not admitting guilt, be respectful and comply with instructions.

2. Seek a Legal Representation

Speak with a Lawyer: Dealing with a DUI case has several difficulties. Finding a lawyer can be challenging. But if you are in Canada, leading Winnipeg criminal defense lawyers can offer support and guidance. They have the experience and expertise to assess and evaluate the case. They can also explain your rights and offer advice throughout the case.

Understand Your Options: Your criminal defense lawyer will help you explore the options. He can negotiate bargain pleas. He will challenge any evidence against you and apply for alternative sentence options. His efforts can impact the outcome of the case.

3. Be Mindful of Your Statements and Actions

Exercise Caution: Watch what you say and do. What you say or do might be used against you in court. Do not be rash, think before you speak, and avoid saying anything implicative. Avoid aggressive conduct and avoid being stubborn and hostile.

Claim Your Right to Stay Silent: You reserve the right to keep silent and avoid drawing attention to yourself. If being questioned by the police, you also have the right to ask to speak with your lawyer instead. Silence is better than any action that might harm your argument.

4. Know the Consequences

Know the Penalties: Knowing the potential penalties for drunk driving is vital. It can help you make informed decisions and prepare well for the case.

Assess the Impact: Aside from the legal penalties. Other far-reaching penalties can come from drunk driving cases. They may include limits to employment opportunities and increase insurance premiums. Drunk driving also tarnishes your image. When you think of all these, you will be proactive in addressing the charges effectively.

5. Follow Court Orders and Requirements

Comply with Court Orders: The court may release you on bail or conditional release pending trial. If so, there must be orders and requirements from the court. It is vital to obey the orders and comply with the requirements. Do not be absent from the court as scheduled. Failure to comply and obey orders and requirements may result in additional charges.

Meet Obligations Promptly:  Meeting obligations imposed on you is critical. It can make things work in your favor and result in a potentially favorable outcome. So, whether you are to complete community service or attend alcohol education classes, demonstrate your compliance.

6. Learn from the Experience 

Reflect on Your Choices: Figuratively or literally, it can be a sad experience to face charges of drunk driving. Take time to think of your choices and the possible consequences of drunk driving. Allow experiences to move you for positive change and be determined to make choices that ensure safety in the future.

Seek Support if Needed: It is worrisome and challenging to deal with drunk driving charges, and this may bring about emotional instability. If you are struggling to cope with the stress and uncertainty, be open to seeking help and support from family members, friends, or counsel from professionals. When you are in a circle of supportive individuals, you can manage stress successfully.


It will be a terrible experience if you are caught driving while under the influence, but you must remember that you have rights and options. Do your best to remain calm, seek legal representatives, and take a pragmatic step to handle your charges. Thus, you will increase your chances of having a favorable outcome.

Learn from experience and take it as an opportunity to make needed and positive changes in your life. Suppose you are facing drunk drive charges in Winnipeg, reach out to a leading Winnipeg criminal defense lawyer immediately for assistance.